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How Comprehension Has Been Associated with Literacy

Reading comprehension has been seen to be a guide and offer directions to lots of students into adulthood. It is has been identified as one of the main student academic as well as professional success; this paves the way to a better future, whereby students grow to build homes, families and a community of their dreams. The low rates of literacy have been reported to increase the costs of the US economy for instance in health care alone $230 billion are lost due to illiteracy every year. Low literacy levels have been identified to bring about lots of criminal activities, increase in tax burdens and other negativities in the economy. Here are some of the reasons that you need to consider reading comprehension.

Having poor reading skills is normally linked to educational levels, increase in the poverty levels and overall poor health. Even though the government has put measures on the way that is needed in the regulation of literacy levels, only a few rules and regulations are being followed, and this has resulted to illiteracy being on a high level. The styles that are being used these days have been seen to have a great impact on the way the styles and strategies have been considered in the right manner.

It is common that teaching to test is today being practiced by many teachers out there. Most of the teachers are however feeling that the technique is limiting them from using their strategies of teaching. This also brings about so much stress for the students and them as well. The relieve that is being brought by the comprehension reading is the best now that students no longer need to go through the stress. This is the main reason why students do not need to struggle to pass their standardized tests but they practice and become experts. Word reorganization ad understanding has become very easy after the comprehension reading. By reading comprehension, this is when one can understand the importance of context when used in comprehension.

There cannot be any meaning in a text which doesn’t have context. Many people do mistakes when they are unable to put some context in their texts which makes readers have difficulty trying to understand what they mean. Texts without contexts are however for the readers who will not lose hope if they do not understand the texts without contexts but those who would read to the end of the whole content. For instance, when a worker gets a letter with a subject that goes like “Congratulations for your promotion.”